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When good project work happens in your organization, it’s natural to want to repeat it on future projects. However, recognizing the success of an individual or a team, and the positive impact of the work, can be overlooked.

In a recent Forbes magazine article, CEO, speaker, author and renowned coach, Camille Preston, PhD, says that “one not only needs to experience pleasure in their work but also feel like what they are doing matters.” Many studies, including those published from the University of Warwick (UK) and the Harvard Business Review, support Dr. Preston’s assertion.

OpusView workplace social software helps organizations encourage repeated good behavior by rewarding employees whenever they make a positive contribution to a project. With OpusView’s reward management capabilities, no team member will feel undervalued irrespective of remote or in-office working. Recognition is immediate, communicating a clear message with regards to an individual or team’s contribution and the value of their work to the organization. This helps project leaders build momentum on future projects, inspiring the type of sustained action that drives results you may have not previously thought possible.

At a personal level, individuals reflecting on how they feel when their teamwork is recognized, will see them quickly realize just how critical it is to be acknowledge for completing delivery or following through on a project goal. This is how leading organizations drive effective results and success, one project after another. OpusView turns desirable project behaviors into a system where you never need to worry about the impact of missing opportunities to motivate your team.

With OpusView, when you reward and recognize work contributions consistently, you inspire team members in a positive way to continue to make your organization effective. This fuels innovation and creativity and builds a stronger collaborative company culture.

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